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There's no doubt that roller derby is awesome, and once you get hooked, you might want to enhance your skills by going to skate parks, outdoor skate trailing and also looking for some cool roller derby inspired merch! We've put together some ideas for you to get outdoors and pimp up your gear. 

There are a tonne of cool roller derby inspired things on Etsy and other online stores, but nothing quite beats going to a game yourself and browsing the merch tables! We are absolutely not working on commission here, these are just a few of the

stores that we really like and have been kind to us or provided excellent services. If you want your store to be featured on here, please do message us and we'd be happy to give you a shout out!

Jammer Candy
We love Jammer Candy! They have loads of cool things from stickers to pin badges, a great way to pimp out your skate bag or NSO folder. Some cool bags and Tshirts too!

We especially love the new designs that Jammer Candy come up with all the time, check out their Instagram to get all the latest.
Roller Derby City
Roller Derby City are one of the go to stores for roller derby merch. Whether you want a customised referee shirt or a nice new water bottle with your name on it, get all of your customised gear from here!

Great prices, and roller derby owned and operated, so you know you're getting good service. We can't keep away from the RDC stand at big events!
Skate Station
We can't fault Skate Station for their customer service. We needed a load of kit for fresh meat within a week and it arrived the next day, with a smile! There are plenty of places to buy your gear, but Skate Station get high praise from us because of the service. You can't go wrong.
Double Threat Skates
When we go watch games we get super excited if Double threat are there with a stall. Try on some boots, get some great advice, buy a tonne of cool merch, and you're happy! If you don't catch them at a game though, have a look on their website, or even better, take a day trip to visit their shop in London. It's worth the effort.
Strawberries and Scream
Want some new toe guards? How about some snazzy custom made, leather toe guards that are made with love! There are also non-leather toe guards available.
Roller Dirty Soaps
Want to get clean quick after practice, get rid of that derby stank and smell great? Check our Roller Dirty Soaps!

All the soaps are handmade and vegan using all natural, cruelty free products.
Derby Tough
Launched in 2018, Derby Tough have a great selection of scrim tops, Tshirts, shorts and more with fun designs!

Tough? How about Derby Tough.
JammerCat was started by two skaters (Murphy and Maven) to offer our fellow Roller Derby players a place to order derby decals that fit right and are custom made to your derby style. We also offer more custom derby items like iron-ons and more original derby themed decals.

Skate fast, skate hard and look good doing it!
Recreational skating
If you feel that skating once, twice or three times a week with your league just isn't enough, there's plenty you can do to bolster your skills and learn some new. Skating outdoors or learning to ramp skate will not only improve your skillset but also boost your confidence and may even help you pick up those minimum skills quicker.
The Skateparks Project is a directory, a resource and a community website intended to help skaters around the UK discover and build new skateparks. Find out more here:
If you can't get to a skate park, why not have a go at trail skating? There are plenty of places around with flat, skate-able surfaces, such as parks, nature trails (as long as they have a flat path!), car parks, you name it. If you can't find a skate park, just open your eyes and look around. Even if you can only skate down the street, it's a start.
Chicks in Bowls, UK
Chicks in Bowls (CIB) is a movement (for all genders) to encourage people to take  up skating in skateparks. Indoor, outdoor, in space (we wish) you name it.

If you really want that roller derby edge, join a CIB movement and learn to ramp/bowl skate!

Chicks in Bowls, Scotland
"We’re part of the international Chicks in Bowls movement, spreading the enthusiasm, encouragement, and love for roller skaters conquering skateparks."