Looking after your kit...
From taking your skates apart to washing stinky wrist guards (trust us, they will stink), it's really important to know how to take care of your gear.

We don't really know how most leagues work in this respect, but our league (BCRD) run "skate maintenance" sessions a few times a year. We all get together and clean our skates, showing newbies how to take them apart, deep clean and put them back together again. Obviously we do clean our skates more often than this at home (most of us anyway) but a skate care session is a great way to socialise. We often bring cake.

This page is all about how to take care of your kit, bringing together the best advice from skaters all around the world.

Tips for washing your gear

"I put my pads in a pillow case sometimes and make sure to strap the velcro together, it stops the straps from catching on anything and also keeps the pads from sticking to one another and not getting properly washed."
Phat, BCRD, Carlisle
"Pads...inside a mesh bag, and some towels or similar in the machine to soften the blows! I use a laundy tab with a tablespoon of borax and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Because I read it somewhere and we happen to have a load of borax in the house. As it worked, I've never changed. I could take the padding out of my kneepads but don't because the padding must soak up a fair bit of sweaty nastiness, and because it's too much of an arse-ache to put it back in."
Welsh Screbit, BCRD, Carlisle
"Definitely dettol for pads, I've got one of those round things with lots of pegs on to hang them up to dry. Dettol is the only detergent that removes the stank, I use it for my running kit too."
Jaggernaut, BCRD, Carlisle
"I use a pillowcase tied with a hair bobble to wash my pads ...feel like that might be relatable to some folk out there! The dettol antibac laundry detergent is the way to go."
Iron Lotus, BCRD, Carlisle
"Soak everything in Dettol before you wash it! Even a second soak if you can."
Bad Madditude, BCRD, Carlisle

Tips for cleaning your skates & bearings

"Soap and water for the wheels - nail brush if they're a bit filthy and hairdryer to blast all the water out to dry them. Iso-whatsit alcohol for bearings with speed oil from BCRD (we have our own brand!)"
Jaggernaut, BCRD, Carlisle
"When cleaning your bearings, it's best to use cleaner with as high alcohol content as possible (99% at least). This stops the bearings from rusting. Make sure to dry them out completely though!"
Phat, BCRD, Carlisle
"Be careful with acetone - if your bearings use plastic / nylon retainers they may be damaged. Use pure acetone, NOT nail polish remover as it can have other additives in it."
"I soak mine in rubbing alcohol then scrub with a toothbrush. Air dry then put a drop of oil in them."

Handy videos

We're not going to lie, we cheated here. We haven't made any videos, we're just pointing you to videos that we find helpful! No need to reinvent the wheel right?

Cleaning your bearings

This really helpful video presented by Dan from Devaskation is great for when you want to clean your bearings.

Thanks Dan!

Cleaning your wheels

Another really useful video from Devaskation, this time all about how to clean your nasty wheels!

Thanks Vulvarizer!